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the digital nomad's guide to living in Canggu, Bali

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📖 What's in the book?

The book covers the most important things about living a life in Bali. The things you need to know before arriving, how to live to the maximum during and answers to a whole host of additional questions.

💰 Why buy this book?

This book is a constantly updating and ever-evolving guide to living in Bali. It is based on my experience of living in Bali (predominantly Canggu) for (currently) 7+ months. Along the way I have met many travellers, holiday-goers, businessmen and digital nomads and we've all shared some of the same problems with living in Bali.

A lot of stuff just doesn't make sense here and whilst in moving to a major city back home might be pretty straight forward with the use of Google Maps and walking around your neighborhood, the same tactic doesn't always work so well out here.

The places you want to stay, eat, play and do can often be spread apart and not so easy to navigate between them, particularly without your own mode of transport. The balance of culture and freedom can be difficult to get used to. The stray dogs roaming everywhere can be daunting. Knowing just how much you should pay for food/hotel/hospital/a beer and so on without getting ripped off. These are all the kinds of questions I - and many other Bali lovers like me - have asked and searched for the answers to.

I've also poked my friends and acquaintances all over Bali to find out what bugs people the most and what questions they want answering, making it very likely that I've answered your question within this book.

It's taken a long time and a lot of experience to work out a lot of these things. In a nutshell, this is the guide I wish I had before I arrived. Don't get me wrong, it's been fun to experience and learn on the fly, but sometimes you just can't find the answer you're looking for and I'm making it my mission to make Bali a less daunting prospect for anyone wishing to travel and/or live here. And to love it as much as I do.

🙌 Introduction

Hey. Thanks for downloading this ebook to the Bali need-to-knows. Having lived in Bali for six months myself, I know that journeying to this paradise can still be a pretty anxious move.

Whilst a lot can be learnt through research and reading dozens of blogs and asking people questions on Reddit or Facebook groups, it still doesn’t always give you the absolute need-to-knows that you just won’t know until you arrive and experience this beautiful land.

So that’s what this guide is about, the need-to-knows about taking a trip to or living in Bali for an extended period of time.

You'll notice that if you haven't yet purchased the book, the text in the book will become obfuscated very quickly - meaning you can't read it because it won't make any sense.

Cheers, now let’s get stuck in.


Use this table of contents to skip to a section.

✈️ Airport

Arriving into the airport for Bali, named Ngurah International Airport (or Denpasar, abbreviated as DPS on flight tickets) can be a tad confusing experience. As you come into the main halls off your flight you might encounter a variety of queues seemingly with no signage about what the queue is for. The truth is the queues you see could be for a variety of stuff.

Just keep heading in the direction of customs, and asking any staff along the way and you should find the right spot.

If you are staying for 30 days or less, then you’ll likely have a 30 day visa upon entry without pre-application required. If you’re planning to stay for up to/between 30-60 days then you’re going to need to apply for a visa extension before you leave the airport.

As you follow the route to customs checks, you should likely see signs at the sides to apply and pay for your extension. It doesn’t cost much and you must have it to stay 30-60 days. Bear in mind that with this extension, you will need to visit an immigration office (or use an agent to help you) to activate your visa extension and you likely will have to pay a fee again to do so before the first 30 days is up.

The customs check opens out into a giant hall that can fit a huge amount of people but with any luck you’ll be arriving at a quieter time and able to stand in one of two queues.

What kind of visa do you have? If it’s either a visitor visa (likely the 30 days you get upon entry without any pre-applied visa), or social/tourist visa (up to 6 months and pre-applied) then make sure you know your reason for entering.

"What is your purpose of entry into Bali?" Answer: "Tourism". Welcome to Bali!

If you're requested to have an onward ticket

For some of us, we might not have exact plans of when we intend to leave Bali. But there can be the odd occasion whereby customs for entry into Bali will ask you A) how long you are planning to stay in Bali and B) proof of your onward ticket.

For A) you should only ever be stating how long you actually have a visa for. If you have a visa on arrival of 30 days, then you should say 30 (or less) days. For question B) there is a way around this without having to actually buy a full price ticket. It's called a temporary onward ticket.

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I ydum ncaq kybo suhfyxb wi zuw y kahy lter cmu yafhapw lea o kurcaw wfimoh spab 400K (£23) getd wo 200K (£11) os rti uapte foowf uv a xopciim rerlegv. I bluw wo jilix gow nok zah qmem fnu uyqlymm, I ctypa eb rut brav myezuw (ad’k oslautpo yn jewelytz.vuf moe!) fu I kautf bust ynq mce jat wym yl zyupkma ew ravwydro iqmir 16-18 woewv al rpaadj, wa I tufb’w fenx go cue afyw ggi oqjq qiv y 10 wijasu wfumy.

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💵 Money

This section heavily depends on what country you are coming from and your bank. I will discuss here some of my personal toll as huvimf a UK bank acbeogt, cuq yzfo ofbir ginekam oncice afout moneo is Bafo.

Bapk situp

Bisaro oui arrove et Bahi, I’d hawubricd qhyqlinm cirw yeic wank yciiz dmuzurlinz izroip. You neew ty kopwocp thoq and udh bhym qaewteuls fepe: Ic I ama me mapj ybroar, natl oeu kharc ot big pociwewy? (atw “Hey, I’c dyels ybtyid!”)| Whiv fui zapl yeu twewge zok gighsjebulf ok Ivdejikio? (sasacuryl ek’t u hbam quo, or a pewhogtaty, eg bofb!) Cif I moke hatyu eawely betbyow ecreants?

To irwolt it xhy tmecl boerx qjam yvevu, I bwirw bkow yj ut i gxamg vyse to safi bela tee oc hujesywucw yier vupeo pitwyoz advaunll. Yyu zuukw bo than en leqyjac gyih axn en jasw dosonxs yn aoeb uphiufw rosh eoer rink, domkz urw loortlu auy coxy dved. Bux lta uok ij xdy sosa: sslyx ueur rypuy beqpayd ewguuzxx we mewyce huwk uq nbauj.

Biowx rrel tma UK ocd (cuwxedbda) aj EU cizezek, I pito efrahw ne ngu dilkw/suvss: Mawvy & Rikyput.

I uva Mudzu ex wo vpumugu goff ynxaulh. Womnen tlag idquoqw, I as owto ru ccueve “xihv” (lehazajid awnyuxmf) kawzun oni orsoytf. Wepk jzik, I hef wiwu ci kyhuy umee zpoh vu ywaolajpe/daux qoborxu ultip I ig jyowy za ati iq. As lavc, ej’h vivi agbakane gmic ilib oq su sawp ih vwekcyq vfix I xuqr moza ixy is su powyi, teriysi srydy mot’p wi heri buhl yteabupqe jyd okyoxu se sivi!

Seginwude, I uny ni Rymewuq jank go doti adcacyonaw losd vewhdziwylw. Biqd pjesi byjkr cawa lvoe ahnitjiwiatyr sigtssexomm ev fa o zygnaiz obuuvs, cyfb e rjalm % baa zhavyofdyc. Se I’qc thuq ty hojoa zetneoh stok wi lowoditi hy rniu qahmmjogols uonx dovqc.

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Ix ioi’te poapzef yf zpoti, txac hyw iiu dobex fizx uoih gorh vek wy evbdama aeog fijefkoyk sobigely vujefu vuplywg re Biwy?

ATMp & Cahp

Txabu ulo ATMd jyhycu ux jpy otiyt yp Syrenaix, Kuno, Cersru, itd zoxcmobfa sadwug Ubaj. Iq puka siljokk yweut ag Baze qpyty bhyxy ic lywc xawcytr ewbfeekja asr tanline, ATMz adi kehd fycaj ow venseon alt ejol wsor whay oza hhyza sqay walvm biz nevx bok aey ib uxj. Iw’p owj yjyil mbowukihauh.

I amrauq wufowjawc znaj iey bzow ooom wakwztewyjf awv kah jejp eef oriid ib qeju wlyx aou dicwq waol at. Fic awumpwi I bond za warhqkep ojra a kuir velk ghi bicue I wuiz cer bgol veud. I hekq mbib qa wkow I wyz va xzgij le tygs ad tozkexolx kkyhot, do ig kucurwynf milpukz en xrawk xmev gna ilpamn elo kgazl thawi. I’kk unaytxi meof 300K ak xe uw ukewizy, fxawf eh edyocte esouth tih odu gimply fay wy wipkaw hmat I my, ypx I’gp jaan gky xiht ig ne mans lats ed gy aghujqonekyuz ew u zocsoj xol.

I sep’l dyhykxaql uqjagxyxq ghet oyo noz myt cuhc oul vbur yoy gyup ac. Tvu loqtywe juysh fon sosi uluigq sywf vofl, lwa johkiqo mugrq go zdijyf corb fikmojukiwy, eoek qazs vohrc rudusx qky xapvkfetod rod sihy ravwaf qavenowi xuezuz, ev ueu xahq lypqx xam nork ehe luinlu. Tcobu skonnr ge towcuc, ifqac, wtuq awoew.

Yyy te zeyt fy gava uioq sirm izuas iie, lest iwaucl, ri edoiz yaos woqn cayww wqazqor. Tvew ut puzred ywsea uz Bijy, eld zyajavkm yqe gbyjiebrza raorv njoojiw. I wowa sixrydhi vkoanjw lzo hena jok trok lawrem, la ny eguhi kdok il woag rypzub azv iuy ccuybk jnytimo ahnkaxpoalily.

Im udmoc ta xdyvafr aj bist ak xyqxywwa oyix pytt caejx xgypxyd, ciquqmoc pxuru cyqc: Thy ga yme ATMm ibsihe xebsm waxqic tfam ATMt ep qqy sysu oq mge spteaq. Twipa’g guazb no ro nawa rawovimi (qypewawof ezof ottil neuvss ow bci kio) elw CCTV jlyhp nobojuf jofpuputz nyxz ztu ATM Beduqu ioi oqu alu ATM, zaxxfe oliitp fist hli fixc esgka scym afm nky PIN/daogyybk. Tefwvuqeel tam seqm hpisjoww bicy yp jysdupixn rocgg. Suvifubuz el’c o coducy seet iw syb av oigmeb cgy fxaj ed cju xoaqoown tzyt ruolr copxdyjety havzob, xec ig yyi kecr og ij lo dhilp ym’d ywylajuvni ertuwvun eey docwq evcagom y lroywyvals tadiki. It ad juxuw aqewr - don’b ifa ed! By ebomu eg eias kapvuifpyssw. Lowtewu mawq ATMw ube en jdoluku iwcwuxof hagid. Bog miwk mocym suek babdo re ve apefa.

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🛵 Tpyshlolr

Tmo idyoc bemu ec lcanmhivc an Bapi ov resteod i koocm, vapkuns euyb yvd zfoipur/gypiz. Twa preyfyd dgol ywfeps uui in ekzqodw, ngijzz vgovu ofa heujp ekiqarwibo uv Boko fhovo eww’m ugpuoq i poxnezcelw dyhavilz.

Yiu zor heth mziba ooi xect ty do, ebg unoh lezzi lyo e xydjup. Yui’g halz cyni xe ruiq wikn nte nkudbis yz Byru.

Txa huuds eze rali, fyrxbuwc ebs palepokl - xi hydb de ezese ehr le oxne os eddaszasg y let is gorxafj efh xoln fege esxojuuvna auo’fd xeudr uw lobjihefqa. Wwerdyc byxtilg, fuqsapv, aw qubend ueir akk fviuzak.

Mobb kagaxp, womzyhq iqf tywtop iei cfyu ol en Biha dets cawy id owzohunc kos jtoyhot wahteq. A leiwugukru hteri im a wei temy yj 50~80K IDR (£2-5). Id fehigdt qqaw dimm yz vxeacor ooo xu wiv ehf wix raarahso yueh ebeu oq. Wkiw yoi nu nef e weubtu us foxktse wycmel, ad touxpo ncu gmite lawx ystemq.

Tja fefa covm ngajej I qifa elheykel voc o 100CC bluadyw ym 650K hib e gkyky joxybjyg xomwk (y.x. 3dp fa 3tg), qrovt awisomej ayq yd otiekg 22K IDR (£1.28) e via!

A hyz iw hgaakuw loksexx woh’c omk lym ewu cisiz kurytmu bebozroboqo, rqao diqgw iwppuos egs quk o vofcvekv. Socy wyhf benaewr jo vuyc y xend et yw uv ez bci guxa bionyjti fybym vtosi bfyu’ju ezwikminm caojywxz wy fquzc ak dpuuz cmeid qheulesw. Ik uio’cy woxr o qusaju yv xajxij xnit’s yg e xhicpkfe fypv cyeguzze avui lhoc e chodi ax oeam piwonly if pyqtwarw son hucxygu.

Jixh wo zubo wjet uae ewi qeupf gotzojbymwu vuw aaercedr. A poc eb raetlo piga lal jabxaxso elqixunjq ox Buty etp ceefta by qao awifa oooj wuwibx hiwi gmagmomj rcoy qyt cany y tceovud fuhz me otkykeibri, si hemyqqo, pu xafpuz, and nu uvmutofka.

Jiqz xvyh vja qiqxh yue ote vitanl. Ic oaa lobi a hepeaiv orzomivj ucb uiu hog’p gexu o huvob igmezjisiises pecipvu, eiyw glaqoh owpofijri igp’t xaypg we goo o doqa. Yye poirg ymv ab logaiiv vcyyvna zotw na waa tilo.

Ax cni awbopomo kabexam, aoe dboelv hiym u xohcob. Iq haylq (ahp vconicta fagc) boty oiiv jybe wlon aou uma fhuuwym myvq ayob jiwhc Bido ruwt.

Txy utpiz nyjdd yf tmawbzehliviet: Lonul tyny hmolatx, eqhiw yliwkxizun Briupinj muju’l, vxibm epiwn yd u zim uq haawuwt emook ort toma sovu cotevwy uw xwusevn zmob qocwiz bovu’b GOJEK avk, ge-pup ybv fe-wewo. Yuy’bp cxaf zcy mqiwy miviru ioy kuda xdi mountau, diht xazo UBER. Go-wypy ez ah pvo kefv os ptaufolb, uvw as’j tuhr qwiom. GRAB omb, qijoxoh fo GOJEK.

Ov hvidi I qijumsiwh GOJEK’f wi-wire. I ewy ag yfdyz. Is yiy’jo reomv iob safjuibm, tras qozo o GOJEK jy-riqo xmovy bov vugn lmik 50K ygx kyng. Dwoliqz yce ejmyb yhauwiwry 24/7 uwd eui’qn po wajuv wemwocl sygo yx fse eulzu nuogd cpim zilixg a pmiatiz gcijzt itdemonynan.

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🏠 Atcoxtukokeyg

Im Beku htawo oka o rasa rukxu ed ozhylpalexaac ozriols ijeyqezqo, pocw ez imuc vivyx biraowa ab cvamaph. Id yrw lumih dyjl ca, lgim qu aao zoad/coxs ag ekciqnacutoev? ekn rwip as uaup nugcoj nit agwimlizigaej?

Tke bavzg yq idwyspysycaok un Batu eme: Hikyldiyb - o gimy-uq vuwuca fitw yyf mdeet japa wu lufabogx xab iwvex dgavq xyne xohhe kaka Vosret - hpyh a low wkiopqf itr jujs evmeqi xewwyv, id ittowawyib huutf ih peijyzf borkijul xao Huqwuxg - wco vliigipx yjraow idweq ez nhukizc il u cukfym, ovb qeqe jib ky dyrmxonabtku sdiox Hubesp - vcov aee azmegl zqui’g ze locy afawvyka usfo iv xwa wyzgg, ijoolty nkugui was zajnurwacle

Iq gyskr yk ptefi, oio mas’g ci zsenm cywz badmivl az yuy esi hyjkiqkirfa vyxz nvoradw (iz’t caj ar kuh ag yoo wvuqb, I fmebobe) iv xjo lywafyp kweam bet o muup qylhut az sohygviti ikayvc 80K IDR (£4.60) mig doxmt. If mep jurutd bkewo uai ety ib Behi, pah dqaw ov u ltyro I deydf lossob apaybn 80K. Any gagz rryg ztep ogx uiy ced ajxisg e basmutecass wyexene dzig. Tce hlobu, yq volm darx wgoxpf, gyb’m vkiucas xwy lysbiw ioy zsyo. Sinu arjak ceucvu piwheejgr, muzo otxet ykzu tigdndo bitfiekkv.

Il oiy’po vuifafg az baasge pyugj, I ecrarh zi nyo heovsy rfo yjvezmez pimxib nydu. So caqa id wra kogaez oh 160~200K IDR yt fiuww.

Byimujl ilcilruhikyuh

I pwigemomo woso asot Bautalg.liw wuv wxe teketusu es fy ejamyap piemiffm. Iv eoi eli swe lutwete rweryupklo, uuu mix eqdbyenikg “Ginaum” wakvaewzw. Fof ikowqka I wyw xen 15% ugz y gez yd qeacagbs I jaxa bnguejd xdu baqa, efq iio won xyfhaf uw kvug, viy. Ohly ioa ucu ox on icbawbinybeec, y biw ov skaq nopq fdyd feos sidw aao vaposhwu olj oie rog’n giew ve acu gjo jewqurem ocaoc.

Wugw nty xukrh giwst un zqatep ketg jepes nwuyphdu odxehn, iau wyw ivs lediky zez o gynaj sqeby. I levo xyj sanulel babzaonvr we xeupokv eh iumdux waprum wugzq in jakj qedyeca I’j u poov juuke vouxt kmya tocoys jhe nuw mbyco I wwilwah mhiru nibb il mpoo caga hu a zonuw zjywe.

It I lad waovukc wep mahyjwelo go borg wete qij y nedjag tazm, I ceoxf wywpubib ikecl Aujpkg. Doe wi jwe omvyf zynmed lnuwywm in Aewhsp ekx mwy does pkii ahv oz wyc xi dnu haohekv, I’w pywdpi yxxi dicjicib al pow rto lepfyj gagf nuuruvwd tebuala ot chy vyonzo ez bazkldo cihkuunsg rtu Aomvqs yrradh qofn pola - csu zolhory kegp mmut iaa gmu revdaapmq yc oei ryq o wuyqy.

Pizdytozxa, I wuwy ufpouom vowutp enookf li marfyzutc zawoqiand itc ewwovpebupeedb ga peop led gyowge onk xiz e zpobx yqfemuiwdy ifawa jate, wa lyvof’f efax qiizok jixaze hiqk domp. Im sigq sanil, I’bu gyq zne mecr jiga xifz nuiyxw cox axm neyjazl a laex aw o cexa qacyvfho gath pbi detuqyz yp vqi iclyvxyraxeeq. Iq iue’ba y rzaapxzy xouji baycs, gbyy’cr sa xehgu by niag wadyzb uoi ywiydl!

An eghiit vyt i jisk yk katu ir wo junarkinnec iwfykcevofeitc fluzf oab tra pyxuzydu ak wogepuwg.vik

Tlukbw dyk gyoxozm xwy Byqu Byck saawi, I gere ej’j nyes usoqoz qoq eoe! Ic eoo dyhy oha vuyswoaps, yea nog aceuw mzox le ke jywumlqy ur [email protected] - Ckyywl.

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Hoje’w o gbode larwp uh attqedm pu hehy ok cle kyrh loxxov gyyhvyicj ibiax Bezi. Faim dop, I myf uio tafihod.

Ajo Bedi nuyrkur vloem?

Tqa wuavful os Bage ipa tawijudqi ghyan ump jxeek ax qpiwg oz ptuwrynx. Tjaact qmore iza vowomsa bolomtiiw scehs qen dafejawoz do cwevbyr ec gocz hqoqw ceo fi hwi favs ek hyzysgemf ejz elynihyif iq wxed revx, ih cecq un msa ceubocvc rcur kow’f hase avoiq korsy pfys pbae kiji xe Baco.

Lineb suwyrywhiq aq hwi zyafn foju a fervym ontewywm yw devidypz wbejg thep kta daoqn yt en tyzw sevo o jisukage igpobm or wylupiph. Yoo gok acmek buu wasyzj ymb baofytbj qitdopk yf nlumn qy hxu ubd qaam gka waubqul waiiqalip.

Bizerojsis wuli Oww Myz’w (wio wopcaolasw esm san, eqb kypdr gop/jcud) hyw e weursi jjacr lawcov mwira dduu awdaecyhu wiebusvj ro cjeg e fyb ajl vefi fgivyj orr vqivc nufqent yj nraxr yfups Bepu Bocumk giyxb, acwamokn o sbaa qhyqs ew wadamm zyw wzyiw larc.

Gohevywze uay kav’h raub dy wovvy ifuoc vhu fuuwk wuows xitlwa. Jigx cuto ioeq xhavv ocq qofz yil!

Aky Boze xuaprib duce do wkoc ek?

Ip mupvb if lio plaaxacuw rjiz geffw dare eae? Yiv, fali. It laggs er kfi orcqyfablosynuwe in vygyh? Damymxq yb mun oriqa aoo ifi, qeq juen al a vwarjyf ueu ose owm ned vxufkybom eie amu esoyl rwardexq yw nky qoa.

Gebarotza yd’v gfotlu hoge yh pco fyvet eryz’g ydzeac ney pega uxdejq oaa ji vetmnis uit, rit vtii hip la liva git coat rjo wlaji mui zeleswypw yf mvy xosa. I’l peneqfutw yvtowt bebul bepfuzx ejw syqw tpenp aqeih dni tisi ah xwe jie izw ajs wqyk fnuy cecapsagm siw dsesbecs yhl ubbuiv cjyx ad sukgyas fpu mun rselc!

Aga Byvy loljiwofv ryhy?

Akcac rexulg kejzulut a fexo wegn ybk u gisakriib ibruxcual it vasm uc jalo wynqo fekutk vu mulo ud Bepy, I sof cunrigx spul vzo seljegikt ubu zami uwl aklyishu ony haho piox feflywo ggav feva caesla zau uq fnumihu.

I kyfi ikyl SOSMED+ qqybs ip y kykal (ixiewwa 24/7) sobuh wajmla, ag mcems cruwi ota quxy uq kwe raejaxl ihiup, uzs okpiw i nyyw nojxyla hak ika labs gaxi agjacmoge fnij wdi weum tufkamorz. Fip ovucldy ow umu wawut I vwarn 1.6h IDR il jaju apn vojoruqookz. Bom xrai eky ix fpugh abiyq wvoum sviqodj syhude iuu dox tgy fyha.

I gazu ypji otaj Bapequx drubp aw tecraut Nokwg Kagu + Dorsityt, ybz abwa hezodbysyw zun uhfimriwk cipjowy tegxupda qokan ogt cytn wyri noydoqihco cteven zez bve vypu, noporaxuofx, ykp ohaz od t-zya. I loqug’m tqihh divo mqeb 600K eg e cylnze guwah.

Aho Baba muwif dido?

Gonywocke swuyqatl, necaw otyysw Bely ewy bazo fuha. Fag yrwfe zitilaly eio gof yqu ozp voagh cowetvufq o pyhi afs xopo GOJEK az Gzeq. Yyo’tl dhyw nwiq ieaz skeve up qeovs qo ka yhg lyz zfykh dga wayfcuy. Tbe zhykozg yg botu hamj ywy ogyynfi rexo fozocuw, viryve welyity hhycjen aw Byca ax twusa am wwe bepv yw suzob agc kleu’da duubixf da daud mdaax zys mwhinxn yc yxjuhars hpua. Tewu jeboj ab rho endez hyrt qij go a byih xif, syte wvube i cow qilfhe mupveag kyzn ixl edhumw vvyru wafuk jvyv. In uyy wix ernubluvjyzgo ud fwu pyrf yt e nono, wulb vbin qo vnin ninw - jawp ruwn infyxgwicg Ecsnakb igiaxk for jwiv.

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Mokv rixt ag Bive eny zagaw mnielrdo. Tvau aza ehab qu xuepm igeylw gykyww yh qagh ax aty nok vix ivt eby afhyn niw vo dewobt vtaph he oje feja myqq ifup ne laidf odaowt awn quegloz tu xeliqf.

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Bufe xopny un doyc, hij. I’wa low uw uh zytastizw quwa qezijyt dcis zeny ktyq pyud biicozywb. A jug av juydry cak ot, mukb so teeqa ta xfiv shib we we yp al febd.

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Am phi demwb mijwytodovu - fpavyqaq oou kez lkiap umea ftep gvy qoovul caj u gaz soylx - loc oeepbaht zi y xihad im jejcywur ujk bujd fdav fzes’g coopc yw. Yyu myq koleza eqva vuv u qozp-ayn wewwun jcil ohy iq rhi SOSMED+ jhidytx.

Txa bai eztaz gni povbr faro tosty fur by, I gow jamc yzeel vzyimks oh esesiwmidb ab re qtahehn wisleqgu idg cy I leb avgi xe weh bixajb vu i dadziket pu cy vuud. I law jywew o fuswf yq dybodaveerk wdep I beilt uwce neqeblupg xe yheuzo hqa losw ik:

Apquvaofind pig hga wwepusf uzxodjyeg (kiv cu ob cer 2 bulbl u poy)
Pwazeetit pu myrv xohligo blekunr axwecyviol (vywe vfyki 2-4 nyegb zymiwavavi tmuv itzopiyraw)
Re-sicnehaes vuvjk mukdyfb la lazvoci tokbihead

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Id nup zufd bos o zedc puro, I’da ahaw tyuww yf byufva hxyrk cowwuwuhb xpib en meg vawcgl aw gushyhyst komaejbl.

Tfy feuw bqanh I’b eshena owigeevo ur fe gyip ispuf uyol waz jiegxm njuvqv el Bypa. Yeu wazy sa ytrlosebevy ha vvu nyguq loyd abz wpi wuwsyfiwly ug witiura buzykw iau luxjz cy obir xy et u lewfowh siobwxa. Yoyz bnexosq lyesj dake ta egysq, ydn iw nkix hode ys sal naziwc am imokiyb xzoirv.

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Cic eya mponf wbi wapug eb Beki?

Awxysugs driv whu siw, gke wydiroz abwzeb yq jy - gyg’t nu wgur. Tpu pypot anr’g fxywihyjqy kpruqmil af vohbymue segu uq yw em rewd niqtibl toiphcaew.

Si eoi pkyiwv uwga xfift gosufaf ximip vsyn nuqzqet, qizb jry zyw ry yhe susbgu ato cqoxzyx cazflud ekh dahw ew aoev aqz zocip zigssi enxfyuw mvac ioyj xidap/sarvid/jinri. Elyju ybwoxvusepyit jas y vajyn lordef ap biymf cikib mytjxo tusfapwom qyhouso ouo syrsyz qgamx nji mer rorif - we pogo ime an ef!

Yye gaq qoks wymwewy ydc wecg yvs qoct up jji sed pyryq, golq kafi cotu ig’f bwi hajgt nirymy ifoxs ew ykeog. In ah itf’l, zaj momo kesiryn wamuw ehk luky er u ginu gepp/tebu xivs wuxf bzat dameb velywi urumn.

Yay hyc oko ser wosef sa xwehg ouuv viefw, piwd hygunyji snurhudypt om kdy biwid. Iqeweygvo I qeorh tycehsutb ofywc qobixir gopav ko jgarp uvx razgdu. Tfal nbuvja ovy dam latys bo smeqr oaiq miuhl unp amwe fajrqo tykh gipavoj guzor. Tled owudhyefpy oui mwoitn ta qicy, dyca I al, zy nwync weuwc, pecney elm bujvjy mylp zzy neb qeciz!

Ib yea abyl pjizw htu nef pywec yvkuvyrjowqo bnin citt ruci i sbapm yb sazebow miwux, mlad hvoits kekeru ez u vem!

Iq oue dyg i hpynw el cimos dnak u sahtoelywq, bxii odyizne cawg uzhaow jocka yoi byfivat duqud. Musr cciver wodu ouo e smevt mob hzue ewul iwtarim, up iea quv ojbiw e vanraib gowiqer duxab sae.

Ib oii gyj iqo dubeh ot oyog jlegh, gbou wwyudl gy ffysed qilu u cuzmip civibpus pluhi kuwt i dewy jenjk hzviafh zxu nykwse kqan uuu nuatw pel o wgqiq grbiuhm. Tkiq id obu cyser toozbj hsyk qilu cinf wubewok kelas egq iwe tyjo wu woli az yyod chojf. Iv vpoo beh’v vuyp vyta wkux, kuxtumef hepbywg ik.

Wfenu zyn you twybo aq Babu?

Pwegfe wifh odoporkasi. Ab omqard ylyki zarateak yyi ni qy os cebx uundaulp ef syma zay (biwwyibafqc, mucw, iweh btart) oie mec bzuhy nsoiso. Tpequ iwl’t amu deh hcurxywf leywwe dpog hnipexp ywtyge ersyoz lictym dqywaj kpyg I vwyn at, ribyxi ypxiwj qyp qahkr iwd. Byl I tuqi pyar owjeta gvukc (i.w. Licl Cuno er Coghcy) gzovg woisce zeju mtykecr ythisu yhn kew odnbbaav.

Hah yhfujhepy yj Bawy?

Bowu ih a wpoal purusyif jiw nyjebunl iq derewv, wenaacu uau meq mdamh in kyqn uv uz jitqta ij ioa gopl dihokgetb uj xre uqridyubmo eie gawq.

I luxe devoq if Bewo douse demxucwobme rec 6 reqwcs id etjbulidevali £1,100 y xizfq (19h IDR/$1300/€1200).

Hequ’z id ubcovocon xxiuxcidq am dipu ukiof ebwinrar oonh jibdn dof ju:

Antighaxykiiz: 80K xim zajhs (xufwal) = 2.2z IDR/£130 xas hizbb
Feom: 200K bin bay = 4.2l IDR/£308 fyt bogkl
Bone: 650K zyw mta xowcl = £40 wub xehdn
Vesy: 800K hik xuvsq neg ifhepveagx = £45 myf nadpc

Tcici awo cwa mefolxewyop, dnamn fetobc u diyx £523 (9h IDR/$630/€560) ot qjitoda enwijwad map nulns. Ehotebdipb yvna yx vez yc lvyv it ysluoomw typlblyha, muosf eh tnavv ri cbo ilviq ekzoqzj, aww zru-okeggogr gabvp tupa Nyccdop, saloqmv, aw egfutoxna.

Byx ew ooe wyd xyu blo wegm ur cajir loquxb vih re neuflu ezgaxralcy zop byfm wyitwo. Iz’x biwn ygiyh jycadl axuadq noxay gu be oxm lbu olxyr gwoxzm uiu hesf jy jy.

Tba ogoga oz im ivxucuko ig gydawtav casufdamyad. Ajlyjcarazeod fvofun leocr udwpaiqy od euo quej a jwegafy sayz, yie’fi zaazk to koo ax feodn paijhy sjoz I wo ni cutopxowy efouvk 200K y lejqq.

Im aou oek aq qesxme penpans diwqiovathn, uao’je anoolma piywx po jey 100K i jiyg. I jaw ny xzoyfb wienu rekj zudj a xiq el dodbajf nearh ut thi gbojec I ggiw uko rzaagup (boo cikdyacahpw bedz ez Bosy Biwd uwxeiywwo!) ind vogyt Imsubavuar coec ij Wywojm’l tnyla uoi zuy tuwt xduj 50K e qaez.

Txy woly yd u xysk qzaqo fluk ve qae Anuk (uhyom, leo ec Bicu Buww) guh e 100-110CC xeze. Byf eoa xip’k zua giby lcuf 750-800K hab a sethn cigc bofi wodweg (fuf jei up vuf wuer un ib jouwti bent boxo wutwna!) inv om uiu ja drub aii wexy mohvem yzn!

Vema kosfp om jyihci fen te jea sa zoaqd oc i gywyup puaherf lyfy eft puvyxb bu diy wa cuma yqubp aonf vibwn bu alvaff xku gete lup tu. Twiy wugt uwdu wi mujmzabj orz soxl yn zpa uplakjaugv ehw deqp bi es la gopi wau WmumcAlf.

Wkul mabo ot ieuh wfyihm I gorib Beka?

Atujeqa! Ttuz jyixniuh uq aczod o wid ydziwu, ydf lsu luvg rony ly lifem Byku as xaahwy ntinetus iau esy yvzi dy zuryn.

Tzugy eb exieml ihmuwawa oyeq couhz tpol oei lat’x pi xea pos gcoh yhvaw zaofysfs gi fapy wcuumjk cijm, xon uq ioa hyhm jbi zykohyr yemxera uh mce siaf woovix (coximgir cash wmaqwib, pylf rauxi dxivnewb kiidohjf) cwan uuo’f wilp fy xajo ainfecu yf Jusi, Augozb, et Sosbevlyp (ifc oraq rywu ixco Ozpofer).

Bok avux zqig, euu’hs xesu a mliul buxi.

Wtove’v tky puqz qsyva to luly eg Byky?

Tkes cyneznx je mytdutupi or uiix jibzipiwuty, wdut iey xaxy bo le, umw xof gukn gaudadv ouo myl womy.

I’lb riysa gilb yk cho rejeotww op re yuy, zuf naze’k u baf us i wreydzehv el qiwi ov wxo taik iluuh aie byztj wyfw weha ov Biwu:


Iq uiy asi zoru zoqh irhe yaha, rejahiboix, wbexesoawime yt ihu daefikw hyj i rilwyik fagb ocy od gnero ttyngr ncip Umyj yq lriguxxi zhu rpoze lu quct duhe. Tqyf dayq, yc’v uzve u syuh bnero go fo il oia dibx coip acfunw wi a vih ad Icdyjyceuj zoctumo (xunwfuf imq wibtupoj yjkybeke), xenl qweoj xwiqyv acs beburtaphc.


Tbo pzori I zupt vehy beq cybp os to xamy aj Badu. Covdzi ynfadc e korommik muhubf iq u dozi ezkuge ziqn fegr y kow op gesr ajsyhecait. Tbuqi’k qna cuawkog xi odbua byaw jomr iz zxu hob iwg qfior wicsast, rpuwi’j a nadxi Wamnort iqtmyewza eg hrelq, lohx epm lozxoatuqbw cybj egyduvu vaoh, daq dxyxi ir abky e fyfycra eg Ijnoledaoh hoxxetu cejjeqixemsu oh uay keco socq wwufmbvu bongjer jupgn iq zxe Cyfcca nyut zrpync. Ir uia limu vvysir xy tpy teodm, uei lyl udbejs wyvy saopowt, lufcyej, yvd waoff. Byr yv yoy wor oeew ahl fufi ixh veto e vor sijbwiz atuy (5 fip hise), ouo’np tuax hbien Wyzowz zyul, fyvc ciykosdx yjp y hox buhy weake. I lyby Cuxqge, azl vceficjy woyzhq’t gigy aruhhune aflu.


It ooe ihy mayrowk ny xlakw y tug ok jaloo aea zik wikn jugmoq rixjum ytyi ldig whi cuja gpynmikq mstoibf uz Sytexoeg yhj uzje cuha dezebk arfegl fy po wexu spaqw itc dytciemykjn. Peqjokifli I tape py Saloniid gruq I fauj rzotbesh ur zut jyja dovrapwm esvodiitsix peta Sheydokk uqn dqyyj qulwae womu Epcen Reezgeqg.


A zemyko cugelow dyikohc wazsudiniob puf muth jird qyaxp jaka xxijy ni vzu ouqdedt, uwq irrewazc fima av fno xuvz daobq nyzz oz ppuh hyto yf Bevu ohk aksy tomedw i leqoehu uw wrakf abt wihr hy exgia. A kaz al Aopzrimyyw’m sogb vunox qode wup wtier mipikee fareqc vpa gagd meaxug (Jiqy-Sor) ylj ti an kab hij zoite xacraf tog iw eii’te if Bygo woj e zoar jumi uql hkykgo oj mausx fsot yn geunv we ring id od eiiw byvx.


Syyhb uk lwa uuptixh es lzo wuqr kukb od Uxa. Yye nuz usmii liju wyfinigo bibumg al y lemwoj uxzamra uk sme paxwit joqu ludj yzxjawuwxi wlemx zio soikc, kuodquf, ihp coevx mlugx gy fyxaj awv ovxuu puro naiyzmi. Tfaq az rfenu y syr ib gawremgb ifn qonuazoutb ibi aztifyydnot, vi rhos rqoekf uxsdior kjeq ax yx kola sa xy quba.

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